April 2006
Title: Isaiah Berlin: A Value Pluralist and Humanist View of Human Nature and the Meaning of Life Pdf
My dissertation,  published by Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York 

Title: Aims and Method of this Study Word

26-27 September 2002
Title: The need for epistemological restraint and public reason in political debate 
Presented at: International Conference on Cultural Identity and Religion – Antwerp.  Word version

8 and 9 September 2002
Title: The Dangers of Religious and Secular Imagination and Richard Rorty’s Alternative Word version
Presented at conference of the European Society of Philosophy of Religion, Conference on Religious Imagination, Cambridge.  

March 2001
Title: Isaiah Berlin. Teleological Thinking as Cause of Conflict
Presented at Conference Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation – Amersfoort  Word Version (50Kb)
(Published in: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation. Multifaith Ideals and Realities, edited by J.D. Gort, H. Jansen, H.M. Vroom, Rodopi, 2002)

June 2000
Title: Harry Kuitert and the possibility of public witness of the church
Presented at: Conference Noster – Hoeven   Word Version (47Kb)